Things to do on Summer Break for College Students

Summer break is here, finally!

For many college students, summer break is a like a blank slate. Its full of options, and gives you a chance to do things that you might not have time for during the school year.

If your a college student, here is a list of common things to do on your summer break:

Summer School: Taking classes in the summer is a great way to get ahead or play catch up. However, less financial aid is usually available for courses in the summer, so this may not be the ideal option for many students. (Also less classes tend to be offered in the summer.) 

Travel: Summer is the perfect time to visit family and friends, or just take a beach getaway.  I like to travel to at least one place during the summer. Traveling can be expensive but, traveling close to home is also a great budget friendly option.

Volunteer Abroad Programs: Volunteering abroad can be a great way to travel internationally and give back at the same time.

Internships: Internships (paid or unpaid) are a great way to gain valuable work experience. Internship applications for the summer usually open up in December or January, they can be competitive but if you get your dream internship it will be worth it! Sometimes, internships can even be turned into full-time positions. There are even abroad internship opportunities. *Of course paid internships are the ideal options.

Summer Jobs: Summer jobs are a great way to build some experience for your resume and save some money.

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